The International Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Science, and Technology (iFEST) is a recently established philanthropic institution devoted to cultivating the rising generation of entrepreneurship and innovation, working together across international borders. iFEST is based in the United States, and is legally recognized under Internal Revenue code 501(c)3. Cooperative transnational programs focused on advancing entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth make up the initial starting point for iFEST.

In order to increase public and private cooperation toward improved innovation and entrepreneurship, iFEST has been organized to pursue cooperative US programs with key nations active in the global economy. iFEST offers specific mechanisms that will cultivate the next generation of transnational innovation and entrepreneurship (click here for more details). The iFEST vision is to unleash the creative economic and technical capacity of the rising generation by:

Enhancing the abilities of young people to acquire the entrepreneurship,experience, knowledge, and tools needed to navigate an increasingly global economic future;

Improving international policy dialogue on the policies and practices required for entrepreneurship and innovation; and

Broadening the base of support for transnational cooperation via common interests in entrepreneurship, science, and technology.

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